AGN on the Beach

Duty cycle

Using AGN incidences to probe properties of jet powering with eROSITA and LOFAR

Zsofi Igo

 We, 11:20 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

The eROSITA eFEDS survey reaches an unprecedented combination of X-ray sensitivity and sky coverage, additionally being enhanced by many multiwavelength surveys. This project investigates how radio- and X-ray-selected SMBHs populate galaxies. We use the highly complete GAMA09 survey to measure the fraction of galaxies hosting AGN, defined using LOFAR and eROSITA data. We find that the incidence of radio AGN with compact morphologies as a function of ‘radio luminosity/stellar mass’ results in more massive galaxies being more likely to host radio AGN. Yet, when recasting this as a function of ‘jet power/Eddington luminosity’ (i.e. specific black hole kinetic power), low and high mass show consistent trends, indicating a possible mass-invariant jet powering mechanism, much like the universal triggering/fueling mechanisms found here and in past X-ray work. The fraction of quiescent vs. star forming galaxies hosting radio AGN is also comparable, defying the view that only red and dead galaxies host radio AGN. Lastly, the impact of environment on jet powering is probed by including radio AGN with complex morphologies (e.g. FRII). This work provides useful information on the AGN duty cycle for feedback simulations.

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