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Feedback (large scales and clusters)

Zooming into the Monster's Mouth; Tracing Feedback from Their Hosts to Circumgalactic Medium in z=3.5 Radio-loud AGN

Wuji Wang

 Th, 10:45 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

It is of critical interest to study how powerful AGN impact their host galaxies at Cosmic high-noon. High-z radio galaxies (type-2, HzRGs) are the only AGN population, where quasar-, radio-mode feedback and the host galaxies can be studied simultaneously. I will present JWST Cycle1 NIRSpec/IFU data (~500kpc^2) of a z~3.59 HzRG. The source was chosen to cover all spectral lines O2 to Hα in one setting, allowing a direct comparison to various physical condition tracers used at lower z. Specifically, I will show maps of the O3 ionized gas outflow showing a complex morphology, different velocity components, spatial emission peaks and filaments tracing at sub-kpc scales the AGN energy output and feedback onto the ISM. Mismatch between the O3 and jet axis will disentangle the interplay between different feedback modes. MUSE data for this source traces the CGM gas on ~100 kpc in Lyα. Together with the JWST data, I can show how feedback acts from subkpc- to 100s kpc scales. This target is one of the most well-studied HzRG with data from all major IFUs (also ALMA) revealing AGN feedback from various aspects and scales, showcasing the power of multi-wavelength IFU data in galaxy evolution studies at Cosmic high-noon.

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