AGN on the Beach

RQ AGN and evolutionary studies

Cosmic evolution of jet-mode AGN feedback; discovery of a dominant new population at high-z

Rohit Kondapally

 Fr, 11:45 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

Jet-mode AGN are thought to play a key role in the life-cycle of massive galaxies and clusters. However, the cosmic evolution of jet-mode AGN and their feedback effect remains largely unconstrained beyond z ~ 1. The LOFAR telescope has been undertaking one of the deepest wide-field radio continuum surveys to date: this represents a novel sample to statistically study the growth of AGN activity and feedback across cosmic time. Using a sample of > 10,000 AGN with excellent ancillary data, I will present the first robust measurement of the evolution of the jet-mode AGN population out to z ~ 2.5. We discover the existence of a new dominant population of jet-mode AGN hosted by star-forming galaxies at high redshifts that has not previously been observed. An analysis of the host-galaxy properties and duty cycle shows that the jet-mode AGN in star-forming galaxies are fuelled by a different mechanism compared to their quiescent counterparts. I will also present the evolution of jet-mode AGN feedback (i.e. kinetic heating output) and compare this with predictions from latest cosmological simulations, which shows evidence for a self-regulating feedback cycle in jet-mode AGN hosts since at least z~2.5.

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