AGN on the Beach

Feedback (large scales and clusters)

The J1030 field; AGN feedback in a young proto-cluster at z = 1.7 and in faint radio-galaxy populations

Quirino D'Amato

 Th, 12:45 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

In this talks I will report on interferometric observations of the so-called “J1030” field centered around the z = 6.3 SDSS Quasar J1030+0524, carried out with ALMA and JVLA. This field hosts a LSS assembling around a powerful HzRG at z = 1.7 that shows evidence of positive AGN feedback in heating the surrounding ICM and promoting star-formation in multiple galaxies at hundreds kpc distances. I report the detection of gas-rich members of the LSS, show that the LSS is going to evolve into a local massive cluster and that the HzRG is the proto-BCG. I will show signatures of the proto-BCG’s interaction with the surrounding ICM, strengthening the positive AGN feedback scenario. From the JVLA observations of the “J1030” field we extracted one of the deepest extra-galactic radio surveys to date (~12.5 uJy at 5 sigma). Exploiting the synergy with the X-ray deep survey (~500 ks) we investigated the relation of the X-ray/radio emission of a X-ray-selected sample, unveiling that the radio emission is powered by different processes (star-formation and AGN). AGN-driven sample is mostly composed by RQ objects that display a significant X-ray/radio correlation, possibly indicating the presence of jet-induced feedback in RQ AGN.

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