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Feedback (circumnuclear and galactic scales)

Jet-ISM interaction revealed by JWST/MIRI spectroscopy

Miguel Pereira-Santaella

 Tu, 12:10 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

The mid-IR range contains a unique set of spectral features (rotational H2 transitions, ionized gas tracers, and coronal lines) that are key to quantify the impact of radio jets on the dusty circum-nuclear ISM. For the first time, JWST mid-IR spectroscopy can spatially and spectrally resolve the jet-ISM interaction in nearby galaxies enabling new insights into this phenomenon. I will present the initial analysis of the mid-IR data obtained for NGC 7319 (Sy2 AGN in the Stephan’s Quintet) as part of the JWST Early Release Observations, as well as other AGN observed by Early Release Science and Cycle 1 programs. Warm/hot molecular H2 and ionized gas emission is detected at the radio hotspots while extended coronal emission ([Mg V], [Ne VI] and [Ne V]) is seen close to the jet axis for some objects. The mechanical energy in these gas phases at the radio hotspots seems to be small (<1%) compared to the jet energy and it is well below the expectations from relativistic jet simulations. I will present possible scenarios to explain this result which is apparently at odds with the predictions of theoretical models.

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