AGN on the Beach

Feedback (circumnuclear and galactic scales)

Modelling observational aspects of jet feedback; ionization, emission, kinematics and polarization

Meenakshi Moun

 Tu, 9:30 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

Jet driven feedback has been predicted to be an important contributor to the host galaxy’s evolution. However, both qualitative and quantitative constraints on such activity are lacking due to absence of spatially resolved simulations and predictions regarding observable features. To bridge this gap, we have started a series of works to predict observable features expected from high resolution simulations of relativistic jets interacting with their environment. In Meenakshi et al. (2022a,b) we attempted to explore the extent of ionization, and emission and kinematics from the shocked gas. We found that the shocks from the jets can ionize a significant fraction of dense gas in the disc as well as clear out the central region, allowing AGN radiation to travel farther. The jets produce large-scale outflows, creating high-velocity dispersion and disrupted symmetry in the projected velocity fields. We have also performed RMHD simulations of jets interacting with a magnetized ambient medium. We find that the forward shock of the jet compresses and amplifies the magnetic field, and the random polarity of the magnetic fields in the shocked ambient medium lead to depolarization of the synchrotron radiation produced in the jet.

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