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Feedback (large scales and clusters)

Jet-induced feedback on circumgalactic and extragalactic scales; a theoretical perspective

Martin Bourne (Invited)

 Th, 14:30 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  30min

Radio jets launched by supermassive black holes offer perhaps the most obvious evidence of active galactic nucleus feedback in action. Understanding the interplay between jets and their environments is crucial for unravelling how supermassive black holes can influence the evolution of galaxies, groups, and clusters. Advancements in simulation and numerical techniques over the past decade or so have allowed us to model jet feedback on a wide range of scales and in evermore intricate detail. This review focuses on what we can learn from simulations of jet feedback acting on the circumgalactic medium and beyond. I will outline the simulation methods employed for studying jets on these scales and highlight the challenges faced in doing so. While I will briefly discuss the influence of jets on the circumgalactic medium, my primary focus will be on insights gained from simulating jet feedback in group and cluster environments. Specifically, I will provide an overview of several key topics. Firstly, how jet properties, including cosmic ray content, affect the inflation and evolution of lobes. Secondly, what simulations tell us about how the jet energy couples to the surrounding medium. Thirdly, and likely in combination with the above points, I will attempt to outline recent progress in understanding the impact that various physical processes and phenomena, such as cluster weather, magnetic fields, thermal conduction and viscosity, have in determining the nature and effectiveness of this feedback mechanism. Finally, I will outline key open questions and highlight promising avenues for future investigation.

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