AGN on the Beach

Flash Talks 2

Marie Drevet Mulard, Barbara Marques, Mojtaba Raouf, Marina Bianchin, Iván E. Lopez, Deovrat Prasad

 Tu, 10:15 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  30min

Marie Drevet Mulard: The impact of radio jets from AGN on star formation

Barbara Marques: Analysis of SDSS spectra of young radiogalaxies

Mojtaba Raouf: The impact of mechanical AGN feedback on Molecular Gas Dynamics via hydrodynamic simulation

Marina Bianchin: Outflows in the radio-loud galaxy UGC 8782 (3C 293): a view from optical and infrared spatially resolved observations

Iván E. Lopez: Extreme H2 emission on M58: a detailed study of how radio-jet affects the ISM and the star formation

Deovrat Prasad: Environmental Dependence of Self-regulating Black Hole Feedback in Massive Galaxies

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