AGN on the Beach

Jet formation and physics

The CosmoDRAGoN simulations; dynamics and radio observables for AGN jets in realistic environments

Larissa Jerrim

 Mo, 16:15 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

Observable properties of AGN jets and jet-inflated structures are highly dependent on the properties of both the jets and their environments. I will present the first results from the CosmoDRAGoN project (, the largest suite of 3D relativistic jet simulations in realistic environments to date. We inject conical jets into re-gridded SPH outputs of groups and clusters from cosmological galaxy formation simulations, simulating the active and remnant phases of the AGN lifecycle. By combining grid and particle-based methods with analytical post-processing, we calculate synchrotron emission for our simulated sources, capturing particle acceleration and loss processes across a wide range of jet ([non-]relativistic speeds, opening angles) and environment (mass, redshift) parameters. Our simulations reproduce FR-I and FR-II morphologies and make detailed predictions for resolved radio spectra. I will discuss how intrinsic AGN properties relate to observable emission and the implications for population studies of radio AGN and AGN feedback. I will also discuss recent work extending CosmoDRAGoN to predict the full Stokes parameters and present results of using Faraday rotation to probe AGN environments.

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