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RQ AGN and evolutionary studies

Linking [OIII] outflows in AGN to low-frequency radio emission; new observations with LOFAR VLBI

Emmy Escott

 Fr, 10:15 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

The nature of radio emission from radio quiet AGN (Active Galactic Nuclei) and how AGN feedback operates are two of the unsolved mysteries plaguing modern day radio astronomy. AGN show signatures of outflows which could explain how this feedback operates. Studies have connected [OIII] and radio emission. With radio surveys deeper than ever before, we can ask: What physical process causes the connection between [OIII] and radio emission? An instrument which can guide us closer to the answer is LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray). Using radio AGN in LoTSS (LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey) Boötes Deep Field, I compare radio properties to [OIII] 5007 kinematics. We compare outflow properties of 26 radio AGN at z<0.83 to 33 non radio detected AGN. We discover that 77% of radio AGN host an outflow compared to 23% of non radio AGN, indicating that radio AGN are more likely to host an [OIII] outflow compared to non radio AGN. To characterise the morphology of radio emission, we use Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). I will present the first sub-arcsecond resolution images at 144MHz, created using VLBI, of radio AGN within LoTSS Boötes Deep Field. This resolution is sufficient to determine if radio emission comes from jets or star formation.

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