AGN on the Beach

Feedback (large scales and clusters)

The MURALES project; a survey of 3C radio galaxies with MUSE

Barbara Balmaverde

 Th, 10:30 ! Livein  Palazzo Santa Chiarafor  15min

MURALES is a survey of nearby radio galaxies up to redshift z=0.8 with the optical integral field spectrograph MUSE at VLT. For this project, we have been awarded of 54 hours of observations (spanned over three cycles) to observe 63 radio galaxies at z<0.8 from the 3C catalogue. The main aim is to explore the effect of radio jets on the environment, e.g. on the ionisation properties of the interstellar medium and on the star formation (the so called AGN feedback). The line emission images of unprecedented depth allowed us to investigate the gas kinematics, its relationship with the relativistic outflows, and to unveil jet-triggered star forming regions. On the intergalactic medium, we revealed the widespread presence of filamentary structures extending several tens of kpc, likely the ionised emission of elusive super disks of cold gas. I will present the past and the state-of-art results of this project.

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